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For five generations, interior design has flowed through the veins of the Terstal family, each generation building upon a legacy of
design, craftsmanship, and the art of shaping spaces. As a part of the Terstal Group, Claar & Co combines the architectural and
construction skills of Annemiek’s side of the family with Clarissa's unique and vibrant creative touch.

Clarissa started her journey during the COVID-19 pandemic as a leap of faith to try out whether a career in the design field was her
true calling. Her challenges during this period were supported by Annemiek, whose encouragement and extensive knowledge played
a crucial role in building Claar&Co. Together, Clarissa and Annemiek added a new chapter in the Terstal family's history as an
unstoppable duo, combining their skills in a partnership between the Terstal Group and Claar & Co.



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For five generations, the Terstal family has woven the art of interior design into our very DNA. This enduring legacy had its origins with a furniture maker who served the Dutch public transport system. Annemiek's grandmother, a courageous woman, managed a furniture store in
the post-World War II era while her husband took charge of sales. The family's commitment to design persisted when Annemiek's father assumed ownership of the family store.

In 1989, Annemiek embarked on her journey and established her own design agency called Terstal Group. A decade later, in 1999, she took over the family store with her husband, coexisting with the Terstal Group.


The agency’s specialization extends far beyond interior design, encompassing construction expertise and architectural experience. With a
comprehensive approach that covers the entire design and construction spectrum from A to Z, the Terstal Group offers clients a wealth of architectural proficiency.

Annemiek and her husband carried the tradition forward, managing the store alongside her thriving interior design business. Eventually, they decided to sell the store and Annemiek fully dedicated herself to her design business as an architect.


A few years ago, Clarissa entered the picture, leaving her career as a lawyer behind to follow her passion for interior. Together, Annemiek and Clarissa bring a combined 40 years of experience, resulting in the perfect blend of creative vision and technical expertise. Their partnership represents a profound commitment to preserving the Terstal family's design heritage.

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