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Not your typical interior design studio but a dynamic mother daughter duo with over three decades of expertise and a fresh, creative perspective to every project we undertake.                                                                                                                     
We specialize in designing spaces for offices, hospitality, and residential projects and our expertise extends far beyond conventional design. We guide you through the entire process, from construction and renovation to remodeling, styling and the creation of customized furniture and brand identities. We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals, companies, hotels and restaurants achieve the best and most beautiful results with our designs and concept developtment.                                                                                                                              

What sets Claar&Co apart is our unmatched experience and a network of skilled professionals. We have honod our craft for years, enabling us to consistently deliver the finest designs. We guide you through every aspect of the design process, from remodeling and construction to styling and customization Our strong relationships with suppliers and contractors allow us to command competitive prices, ensuring that your investment yields creative and cost-effective solutions.

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Ondanks dat wij allebei ervaring hebben met projecten managen, was een de volledige verbouwing van een huis iets dat wij nooit alleen hadden gekund. Dankzij Clarissa en Annemiek is het hele proces zo goed als vlekkeloos verlopen en is het eindresultaat mooier dan wij hadden durven dromen. Zonder hen was het nooit zo goed gegaan en wij raden dan ook iedereen aan om de hulp in te schakelen van Claar&Co!
- Bente en Gijs
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